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Five Minute Coin is a new faucet site, and it is very interesting. If you have read any of my past articles you will know that I love original sites with interesting systems, and this site has just that.
Fiveminutecoin is a site which when you visit, a 5 minute timer pops up and counts down until you can earn 0.005BTC(a very nice sum, much better than I have seen on other sites, that rarely offer more than 0.001). But, if you click on an ad you can take 20 seconds off your timer. This is much better than other click-on-this-ad-for-money sites, because you still have to wait after pressing it, so have time to look at the site, whereas other sites you just click the ad and come straight back, wanting your money as soon as possible.
You can do this every 12 hours, much better than the 24 hours on most sites.
This would be very good, except II have found a way to cheat the system and get your coins in a few seconds:
In most internet browsers(google chrome does certainly, I don't know about others)there is a button you hold down and then press a link on the screen, and it opens in a new tab without taking you off your current tab, putting it in your tabs list to click later(in google chrome it is ctrl). So if I hold down ctrl, I can click the ads in the circle multiple times very fast and cheat the system, and then I would close all the windows afterwards. This is good for the site owner who gets paid 0.0005 per click, but not for the advertisers who have to pay for every spam click.
Overall, I rate this site a 6.5/10. It has a good system for users, but needs to implement a system to safeguard the advertisers against spam clicks. I would suggest advertisers paying for the first click to their site(per user), but not paying for all future clicks, because all the other spam clicks of their website would be closed without reading.

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