Free Bitcoins

When I first got started with bitcoins, I wasn't able to mine very many. Then a friend told me about, where I was able to get free bitcoins every day.

As with most faucets, all that is required is to go to the website and enter in the address for a wallet and type in the captcha. After that is done the bitcoins are sent to your wallet for free.

Most of the daily payouts are only ฿0.01, which isn't very much, thats a given. It is 10x more than the most popular faucet,, though.  But considering the amount of faucets there are, and how easy it is to get them, you can easily think how quickly your wallet will go up.

Disappointingly though, this is only available to people with a US mobile. Unlike most faucets, instead of a captcha you have to enter your mobile number(they state US only) and enter the code you recieve on the website to get money.

Overall I would rate the site 5/10, it is hard to dislike something that gives out free money, its just sad that its not available to the rest of the world.